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The old derivation of the name Shelley aptly describes its location, for the road which runs through the top of the village runs in a semi-circle along a shelf of Land.

From the shelf the ground slopes sharply down into a valley.

The old part of the village is built along the top of the shelf on either side of the road but spilling down into the valley at its least steep points.

Along the main road to the West is the Shelley Park Estate. This has now been extended up the hill as far as the woods to the North.

Shelley like many rural areas is becoming a commuter village, but the heart of the village still remains typically Yorkshire with all the characteristics of a rural village.

Within the village is Shelley Hall dating from the 17th Century and on the outskirts of the village is Gryce Hall a late Elizabethan farm house, the home of the late Lord Savile.