About this Site
www.shelley-wy.ukf.net. was originally set up by John Hoyle in 1999.

But by 2003 the site was in need of updating.

This new site was then proposed and prepared using Johnís original site as a template and much of its content.

We aim to update the site at least once a month with more information old and new.

There will be particular emphasis on flagging up forthcoming events, particularly of the Association but also other groups including the Parish and Methodist Churches, the various Sports Clubs, the two schools, plus any other events happening in Shelley.

Whilst every care has been made to make sure the following pages are entirely accurate, from time to time mistakes will be made, both of typing and content, so donít hesitate to e-mail or write to us, anything you think needs correcting.

Some of the articles will perhaps express opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Community Association.

Also whilst we have suggested links in good faith to other sites we are not able to vouch for their accuracy.
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