The Church School, now the Village Hall, was built many
years before the Board School, now Shelley First School.

Tablets on the outside wall tell that the school was rebuilt
in 1856 and then enlarged in 1878 when it probably
became as it is now.

The school and school house have their origins in the Shelley Enclosure Act.

This was an act to clear up the ownership of what was then ‘common land’. These several pieces of land and ‘waste’ were used by everybody in the village, but belonged to no-one in particular.

A Commissioner was appointed to decide who had which pieces of land and under the terms of the Act he allocated land for a school and a school house. The land he gave for this purpose was described as:-

"that parcel of land situated on Town End Hill containing two roods and twenty seven perches and bounded Eastwards by Town Street Road, Westwards by Stringers Road, Northwards by Shelley Road and Southwards by Town End Hill Road."

The names may be unfamiliar but it was the plot of land on which the Village Hall now stands plus all the land upto Doctor Lane on which there are now two houses. One next to the car park and the other ‘Rosemount’ at the foot of Doctor Lane.
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